Last week I got one of those phone calls…”How quickly can you do a JV3 model?”

Yep, no one had checked that the windows complied with the NCC and now they needed a building permit – today!

I was pretty blunt and told them that I needed 2 weeks, but I also took a look at their drawings;  they had enormous windows in the East and West facades. I told them that if they wanted a building permit asap, they should look at redesigning their windows to comply with the Deemed to Satisfy requirements.

How many times have we ESD consultants had this conversation?  It’s such a familiar one that a few years ago I made a tool so that I could send architects away to investigate the options for window areas and window types on their own.  With the changes to the NCC next year, it won’t be useful for much longer.  So I’m sharing it with you now.

Check out my glazing area calculator.