It’s been a bit hard this week.  I haven’t had work fall into my lap as it has for the past 4 months and I have my first slow to pay client.

It’s also been good.  It’s been an existentialist week where I’ve had the space to ask; what am I doing, is it what I want to be doing, what do I like doing  and what do I need to do to do more of the stuff I like?

I thought today was going to be more of that, with a bit of an assessment I’m finishing and then organising a roast dinner for my friday night crowd. But I got a phone call from an old client who was nice enough to spend some time talking about the impact I had in dealing with them and the strengths that I brought to the projects we worked on.  Things like;

  • I’m good at Green Star, I really “know my stuff”
  • I’m really confident in talking to people and communicate well
  • I’m good at teaching people
  • I have a really broad general knowledge about buildings and their systems

He also made some good suggestions about marketing these skills and the work that would be a good way to develop the relationships I need to do more of the work I want to do and am good at.

Yeah, the past 6 months have been a good way to dip my toe in the water, but I think I need to enunciate what I want to do more clearly, and then I need to remind myself of it regularly and not get sidetracked into doing things just for the money  – it needs to build on my vision too.

Perhaps I’ve stepped I’m stepping up to the next level of self actualisation?