Today was my first day of work, I even did some. Then this afternoon I remembered that one of the things on my list of things to contemplate this year is further study.

I’ve had a look at the RMIT post grad courses and I can see that I could choose something reasonably technical (Master of Engineering, Sustainable Energy looks good) or something a bit airy fairy that I could probably teach many of the courses (I’m referring to Master of Sustainable Practice)

Then I look at Melbourne Uni and it appears that I have to construct my own course from the list of subjects they approve. That looks like fun, but I’m unlikely to study the sort of subjects conventionally thought of as reasonable for a Sustainability Engineer. For instance, the three subjects I chose to look a little further at are;

  • Buildings to Beans: Food in Cities
  • Facilities for Social Sustainability
  • Gender Issues in Development

When reading the food in cities blurb I found out that this book is available for free – Cities Farming for the Future – Urban Agriculture for Green and Productive Cities (2006).

New thought – I’m going to spend this year studying “stuff”, including how to run a business 🙂