On Friday I received a frantic call from the head contractor, “the site is buried in waste and we can’t find a waste collection service that can comply with the Green Star requirements”.

The new Green Star tools (Interiors PILOT, Interiors V1 and Design and As-Built) have introduced a new wrinkle on the way we’ve been addressing construction waste for the past 12 years.  Now, the waste contractors need to , “hold third-party verification of compliance with the Green Star Construction and Demolition Waste Operational and Reporting Criteria, as issued by a Suitably Qualified Auditor“. 
Mohammad says that he had spent 3 days calling Melbourne waste contractors trying to find someone and none of them have the required 3rd party verification, or any idea of what’s required.  So I put in a call to the GBCA and here’s the skinny;

Waste contractor’s don’t need to have completed the process required to get the 3rd party verification.  They need to provide a statement that says how much of the criteria they have implemented and the expected timeline for implementation.  Here’s the GBCA statement.

I need to submit a CIR to allow my project to use this method of compliance and then we’re good to go.

On Friday I found a waste contractor who was familiar with the old Green Star reporting requirements and this morning I explained this modification to them.  They’re happy and surprised that the other project they’re working on that has the same problem hasn’t taken this approach.  So I thought I’d share.

The waste contractor is still looking for an auditing company who is taking this on, so your suggestions are welcome.