Yesterday I was reminded of why I have made this lifestyle choice.

It was a beautiful day and I was in town to buy the christmas cards I mentioned. I rang a friend and arranged to meet up but had then created some waiting time.  I ended up in the garden of the church of St Augustine, under some beautiful trees in the dappled sunlight and I called some architects I haven’t spoken to in a while.  All I could think was, “this is why I’m working for myself”.

All that research on views of nature and natural daylight and the impact they have on productivity and wellbeing was certainly in evidence yesterday.

Hooray!  This seems to be the literature review that captures all of the Evidence Based Design recommended practices in healthcare.  I reckon that if providing views of nature can daylight can improve people’s recovery rates and pain response when they’re in hospital, there’s a good chance it will help when they’re working or learning too.  It certainly works for me 🙂