Doesn’t Shouldn’t really apply when you work at home, but I do tend to put away the pressure to work on the weekend, and Friday does have a different, more relaxed quality too.

This morning’s task was sorting out backups.  The good thing that has come out of the hacker kerfuffle was getting a much better understanding of what goes into making WordPress (which I use to make this site) work.  And that meant that this time when I read about wordpress backups, I understood it and managed to do the backup process I’ve been meaning to do all week in less than 10 minutes, instead of the hour I had allocated to reading, fiddling and doing.  Now I’ll copy all of those files, and my other work files on to my enormous usb stick and chuck it into my wallet for safekeeping.  On the list for “sometime” is giving the stick to a friend to keep off-site, and getting another for in my wallet.

Anyway, the work to-do list is complete and I have some appointments this arvo, so right now, I’m going to do some work on my sewing project.

Except I first had to read my fb feed, and then I had to watch this awesome Water Sensitive Urban Design video and then I had to tweet it to my old employer to include on a project I worked on and should be starting up again soon and then I had to tell you.

Free Water | Andrew Brown from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.