Watch out!

Today I learned more about how to modify this website.  The possibilities are so exciting!

I’ve always hated how my pages – About, Energy etc, had a large space between the menu bar and the heading.  Today I learned about Firebug and editing my child-theme to change the spacing of the elements on the page.  Woo hoo!  Next I’m going to change the colour of the menu bar, tomorrow, the world :-).

Also, backup day and go and do my first tenancy NABERS rating in 3 years with my first client  (thanks Gunn Dyring).  Do you know a small office who might like a free NABERS rating?

tee hee! schadenfreude! My posts still have the great big space and it looks a bit harder to sort those out.  Stay tuned.


Lost, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered for they are gone forever.  Horace Mann (but I found it in a Laura Ingalls Wilder book in reference to her study avoidance)

That strategy stuff I talked about yesterday?  Hmmm.  I have only got 3 weeks until Christmas, only 2 weeks until firms start shutting down or being so busy they can’t think of anything else but what they already have on their plate, so only one week in which to persuade people to give me work.

Today I’ll be putting on the glad rags to head in to town for free networking drinks with the CIBSE crowd, so this arvo I’ll make the effort to drop in on a couple of architects in an effort to get them to sign up for Cityswitch, and that NABERS rebate that is available that can make my efforts available practically for free.

As usual, what’s needed is to decide what needs doing, break it up into manageable chunks and just do it.

Oooh! but I can also use some structured procrastination and start writing a fee proposal for that funky warehouse/artist space.

But first some ordinary procrastination – I found this while looking for the quote above.  Genius may conceive but patient labor must consummate.  Oh dear…