This morning I went to a site visit at the new Country Road store in Chadstone.  I’m working on a volume certification process and the store is the first one targeting a 5 star Green Star Interiors.

When I set up the meeting, I worked out that I could get there by bike and train, so this morning when it was cold and early (I don’t usually do early meetings) it was pretty easy to jump on my bike.  Before every trip I do, I try to look up how long it will take by car, and if the bike trip is straightforward and time comparable.

The car trip was supposed to take 30min, but google maps never includes the time warming up the car, or finding somewhere to park it.

The bike trip, after I massaged it so that I rode my bike to Richmond station and then rode again from Hughesdale station, took me 40min this morning and would have been less time but I had to wander around Chadstone looking for somewhere to put my bike.

Here’s my bike on the train – travelling against the peak hour, so it was easier to lean it in the aisle and relax………

Bike in a train

And here’s where I had to park it at Chadstone, now where’ s the door?  It is much easier to park a car than a bike.

outdoor bike parking

Here’s what would make it easier to get to Chadstone by bike;

  • Signposting from Hughesdale station
  • A road where the bike lane doesn’t disapear into parked cars
  • Signposting into the shopping centre
  • Better bike parking facilities – I hate this style, it’s hard to park and doesn’t allow as many bikes as it looks like it should fit.
  • Bike parking facilities closer to the front door a pedestrian access – It’s not just harder to find, but my bike is not as safe as it would be in a spot with more people.

As an assessor, I get to see lots of Green Star submissions. Since the changes to the Green Star transport credit, it seems like good visitor bike parking has fallen off the sustainability list.  Don’t do that!