Our main focus is Green Star projects and we specialise in working with clients who are new to the Green Star process.    We particularly like spending time at the beginning of a project to investigate how Green Star can work for your project and how much it will all cost.  Here are some of our projects.

Volume Certification of Multiple Retail Stores – Green Star Interiors V1.1
We worked with the client to develop a strong understanding of the costs and work involved to implement a program to obtain Green Star ratings of multiple stores using the GBCA Volume certification process.  The client has now registered the project to target 5 star ratings for multiple stores.

Bayside Plaza 
We provided early concept level advice for the Green Star and NABERS ratings associated with refurbishing an existing big box store to create a comfortable and fit for purpose office space.  Our work included preliminary modelling of daylight and energy as well as educating the client about the Green Star tools and the most effective credits for the project.   The client has now registered the project to target a 4 star Design and As Built V1.2 rating.

University Hill Shopping Centre Extension – Green Star Design and As Built V1.1
This is a mixed shopping centre and office development targeting both a 4 star Green Star rating and 6 star NABERS rating.  We prepared a Town Planning report for this project using the Green Star Design and As built tool as the sustainability benchmark and the client later decided to register the project.  The development includes a large solar array and embedded network.

Kathmandu Galleria
This is the first store to implement the Green Star Volume process for Kathmandu and is targeting a 5 star rating.

Kathmandu Sustainable Store Standards – Green Star Interiors PILOT (volume)
We worked with Kathmandu, Elsie + Betty, and the GBCA to tailor the Interiors PILOT tool to suit both  the retail environment and Kathmandu’s store development process.  We prepared policy documentation and a standard specification for the 15-20 stores that Kathmandu either fitout or refurbish each year.

Green Star assessments
Each month we review the submissions from 1-4 projects prepared by other consultants and submitted for assessment against the Green Star tools.

Older projects (prior to 2012)