Lately I’ve been noticing expressions of power, the way people interact and behave and how it manifests in getting stuff done and how easy or hard it might be.  Look, they might just be coincidences, but I guess I experience a bit of a double whammy when it comes to having to assert my power in situations – I’m both a woman and an ESD Consultant.

Here are a couple of power interactions I’ve had recently;

  • I went to a conference and ended up talking about babies or my holidays instead of the conference topic.
  • I sat on the edge of a meeting instead of at the centre (a common trait amongst women)
  • I offered to go last at a meeting and then missed out on discussing my report with the decision makers because they left to head to another meeting (that’s powerful, “we’re too important to stay to the end of this meeting”) – I’m not doing that again!
  • I handed out business cards, but some of the other attendees didn’t reciprocate.
  • I missed out on car-pooling with a decision maker when 2 cars were needed and I offered to keep the other driver company. ( I like to think that mostly means I’m not an arsehole)

I’m not complaining, I’m thinking about it so I can be more aware of the power stuff that might be going on – so I can choose a response that works best for me while maintaining my values.

I’m off on holiday tomorrow.  See you after Easter.