Karen Hovenga, the principal of Karen Hovenga, Sustainability Consulting, is a mechanical engineer with more than 15 years experience.  Karen is a NABERS Assessor, GreenStar Accredited Professional and Green Star Assessor.

Karen’s goal is to identify common construction practice and suggest minor changes to achieve high sustainability outcomes with a minimum of effort or cost.  Her project experience includes aged care facilities, schools, community facilities, apartments, offices and warehouses.

Karen has been a GreenStar Accredited Professional for 9 years and has been involved with preliminary planning for over 20 projects.  She has been involved in the preparation of submissions for more than 10 projects and excels in explaining and leading novice project teams through the Green Star process.

Karen’s background in mechanical engineering and building services supplement her Green Star  and NABERS knowledge and ensures that suggested sustainability measures are practical and economic.


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