Sustainability Consulting

We are a small consultancy located in Richmond. 
We offer advice and support to clients in developing economical, sustainable buildings.

We specialise in...

Green Star

After 15 years of using the Green Star tools, we are experts.

We work with project teams and building owners to develop economical and marketable buildings with high sustainability values.


Karen Hovenga is a certified NABERS and CBD assessor.  We prepare energy audits of Offices and Hotels using NABERS.  We can also provide Building Energy Efficiency Certificates (BEEC) for buildings and tenancies to be sold or leased.


We prepare Sustainability Management Plans for Town Planning submissions.  Our focus is on identifying common construction practise and suggesting minor changes to achieve high sustainability outcomes with a minimum of effort or cost.

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Karen Hovenga

Karen Hovenga, the principal of Karen Hovenga, Sustainability Consulting, is a mechanical engineer with more than 15 years experience.  Karen is a NABERS Assessor, GreenStar Accredited Professional and Green Star Assessor.

From Karen's Blog

That was weird

By Karen | December 3, 2012

Yesterday was a normal day. Normal for when other people were paying me that is.

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oops, Friday!

By Karen | November 30, 2012

My, that was a quick week, and a good one. Tuesday night was the inaugural MicroESD mingle. Then on Wednesday my husband and I went to the inaugural meeting of NorthernMakers.

Today is backup day. Also, setup a MicroESD wesbsite day and make phone calls to followup those emails I finally sent day.

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I really need this accountability thing right now

By Karen | November 26, 2012

In which I recover and brag about a wedding and it’s clothes, and make an action list – here’s hoping there aren’t too many of them.

Also, link to an article about sharing building energy data.

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Sustainable Transport

We use bicycles to attend meetings and site visits. When longer distances are traveled we will use public transport to supplement the bike.