My husband says, “anything you get done on a Monday is a bonus”.

I just registered to attend the public lecture for One Planet Living Australia on Friday night. Then I realised that it’s one of the topics at the Melbourne Forum  on Wednesday, and I’m definitely going to that. I think I’ll decide on Wednesday if I’m also going on Friday.

This one planet living thing looks quite good.  I’m keen to find out more about the open source tool they’re setting up. It looks like a bunch of things I’ve had in my head about Green Star and sharing some of the tools we use.

I enjoy heading to the Melbourne Forum, working on my own I find it’s great to get out and meet up with people who know what I do and can give me great ideas for new stuff. I’m an extrovert.  Just being in other people’s company gives me new ideas, even if what they’re saying has nothing to do with it.  Watch out.

Today I need to do a bit more website recovery (including sorting out comments) and then I’ll get started on the rhubarb champagne and dress I’m making for my son’s wedding in a fortnight.