But I’ve been busy!  With real projects!  As usual, I need to balance the business development stuff with the getting stuff done…

I paid a lot of money for my insurance, but it means that I can work as a mechanical design engineer – something I’ve been missing for the past several years.  But now, as I’m writing fee proposals, I’m realising that projects frequently employ a mechanical AND electrical engineer from the same firm.  I think I need to find a creative way to solve this problem AND maintain my delightful kitchen table based work lifestyle. (Not telling you about the other places I work).

Ideally, I will find an electrical engineer who works like I do and we can cooperate.  But I’m not holding my breath on that option.  My other thoughts include;  working with an electrical contractor who can do the design work and I can do the lead consultant (note; not frontman) work, or working with another small firm who might already have mech and elec engineers and they could also do my mech drafting.  Again, I would be the lead consultant and attend meetings and review stuff.  I’m good at that.  If you are one of these people or know someone, please drop me a line/email.

Also, I should be organising to have “coffee” (stupid phrase, I don’t drink coffee) with people.  If you think you’re someone I should have coffee with, please send me an email suggesting a date and time.  I’m sort of crap at making that first phone call, but I’d love to talk to people 🙂