Friday afternoon was great.  I knocked on some doors and people were willing to hear what I was suggesting and now I’m “frantically” putting together the information packs I promised them so that I can do some work for real money.

Except frantically is a bit hard this week.  I was sick on Monday, and TV was about all I could manage.  On Tuesday I got some good stuff done, but it’s not finished and then I spent the afternoon with my son.

I suspect I’m not going to get much work done in the next few days. My son is getting married on Saturday and we spent yesterday shopping for fabric and it looks like today will be spent sewing his jacket, tomorrow I’ll make my dress and the Friday will be a whirlwind of shopping, preparation for making breakfast for 50 or so guests on Sunday morning and heading out to the wedding site to drop things off and participate in the rehearsal.

If I were being paid by someone else to work, I guess I would be working during the day, sewing in the evening, taking Friday off work and saying “no” more often.  But I’m not, so I’ll enjoy the opportunity to participate in family life and squeeze the work into the edges.

Ooh!  But have a look at this amazing video, showing a global map of atmospheric aerosols for the period 2007 – 2007 put together into an animation.  There’s a legend at the bottom of the screen.  There’s also more info in this article.

I was interested to see the sulphur particulates associated with burning coal.