Except for my back, which has its ups and downs and is currently on a down.  I’m writing this in the laundry, an excellent workplace with great natural light, views of nature and a bench at the right height to work standing up.  Also, I think my family may stay away and allow me to work.  If I’m lucky the rhubarb champagne that I’ve been bottle brewing won’t explode while I’m here.

The laptop is all set up and I’ve enjoyed the leap in my webpage visitor statistics since I enable the publicise to LinkedIn feature.  I won’t publicise all of my posts, that will just get boring, and it will be easier to see what an impact it has if it varies.  If you want to regularly know what I’m up to you can grab my RSS feed and put it into the reader of your choice.  Or just check back here regularly.

I’m quite excited today.  Yesterday I got my 3rd client and it looks like I’ll be spending the next few weeks working on the solar passive design of this place.  Neat huh?

Also, my christmas card approach had its first success and I’m writing a fee proposal I wouldn’t have had otherwise.  Also neat huh?

I’m sure you know that christmas is coming – I’ll be a bit busy with that and I’m hoping we’ll finally get a roof on the post and beam kitchen I’ve been working on with friends for the past 3 years or so.  Maybe I won’t post until the New Year.  Have a great time.