Yes, it’s monday and “anything you get done on a monday is a bonus”, but a woman’s got to eat, and a woman’s got to earn money, so I need to get on and work.

The wedding was a beautiful success and here are photos of the jacket and the dress I made.

Today’s tasks;

  • update my accountability blog
  • invoice those two jobs I did in November
  • review the assessment comments I received last week during the crazy
  • finish that information pack and send it out!!!
  • go and find some more architects to send information packs to
  • Head to the YEF launch of their Yarra Project Zero campaign

Doesn’t sound hard – Tally Ho!

Except perhaps I’ll take a moment or two to investigate this article about building data.  My first thoughts are that we should make a social networking application that encourages building owners to share their energy bills and compete to get them down.