Every Thursday when I check the tender page I look at the Fed Square East invitation for Industry submissions and I think, ” I wish there was some wild and crazy thing I could come up with and gather a grass roots movement around.  Something so weird, but public minded that it might just work”.

According to the website there is 2.3 hectares of railyards and one hectare of carparking.  (Yep, those cars are so important that we use 10 000m2 of prime inner city land to store them.)

It’s here –

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Some things I’m inspired by for the site:

  1. Every person in Melbourne buys 1m2 and we make it an orchard with viewing windows into the railyards below.  Maybe groups of friends or families could “own” a tree or three.
  2. A maze of linear park bridges, inspired by the Highline park in New York. Lots of different walking bridges above the railyards with views of the trains.  Maybe it could start/finish on the corner of Exhibition St and Flinders Lane so you could avoid walking up or down that steep hill between Flinders Lane and Flinders St.
  3. Build a real co-educational inner city high school with a school oval along Flinders St so everyone knows it’s there. (My local high school is a girls school, so there are mainly boys in the other “co-ed” schools, that’s what I mean when I say “real”)

Anyone else have a better idea? Tweet it to #crazyfedsquareeast