We’ve got approval to use the Contractor Education innovation credit for the Kathmandu project and I’m working on it this morning.

To get the credit we need to;

  1. Deliver training on the core concepts of global warming, climate change and the health impacts of minimum building practices.
  2. And a bunch of other good stuff.

I’m intrigued with the first item.  There’s an assumption that the people working on the project have no idea what global warming and climate change is, and yet this morning the Climate Institute released a report saying that 70% of Australians believe that climate change is occurring and 48% believe that humans are at least partially responsible.

I’ve been unhappy with the climate change talk beginning for a while now, it means that we start with the bad news that everyone already knows, which is both boring and depressing.  How do you keep an audience interested and engaged when you do that?  I’m certainly not going to use my own words – this is a message that lots of people have already worked on.

Have a couple of videos, I like the tetris one, but I prefer the Australian accent;