One of the things I enjoy about working for myself is being able to make the time for involvement in my local community.  A few years ago I spent some time singing in a local community band.  We would occasionally perform at local community events, usually on the Richmond or Collingwood Housing Estates.  While we were doing that, my husband, James Brown (yes, really) was also doing regular gigs in his various african bands (shameless plug).  We thought, “wouldn’t it be great if there was a stage/performance space on the Richmond Estate.”

Now that Pick My Project is available, we’re thinking that it would be great to get the government to build that stage.  An open air stage could have music on Friday nights, local events like the Moon Lantern Festival could avoid hiring a stage and the local kids could include performances in their imaginative play.  That community band I used to sing with could also use it for open mic nights in summer.

We think this space between 108 and 110 Elizabeth St is a pretty good location.  It’s near the bbq’s and the North Richmond Community Health Centre and the local space is a bit of a natural amphitheater.  It’s currently a bit of a wasteland too.between 108 and 110 Elizabeth St Richmond

The stage will need to be pretty bullet proof, and include power and somewhere to hang lights and speakers.

To nominate the project, I need to have a pretty picture and an estimate of the likely costs.  I already have an auspicing organisation and I’m the local person – I live about 100m away.  I’ll have a red hot go at the pretty picture, but I’d really like someone to give me a hand with estimating the likely costs.  Can you help with estimating or drawing pretty pictures?