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Site visit!

Bike in a train

This morning I went to a site visit at the new Country Road store in Chadstone.  I’m working on a volume certification process and the store is the first one targeting a 5 star Green Star Interiors. When I set up the meeting, I worked out that I could get there by bike and train,…

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Climate adaptation plans for Green Star

Each time I get a new Green Star project I look at the climate adaptation credit and think about doing it myself.  How hard could it be?  The Green Star submission guideline has a good instructions on what’s required and all the reference documents are pretty accessible.  I’ve even read a few that other people…

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Wrong! on the Internet!

This morning I read an article in The Conversation that included the word “Green Star”  (including the quotes!)  It’s badly written AND wrong and I made a comment that I realised would be worth keeping here: Conflating what’s happening in the commercial and residential sustainability space is a big mistake and is also wrong about…

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Today’s Green Star lesson – construction waste

On Friday I received a frantic call from the head contractor, “the site is buried in waste and we can’t find a waste collection service that can comply with the Green Star requirements”. The new Green Star tools (Interiors PILOT, Interiors V1 and Design and As-Built) have introduced a new wrinkle on the way we’ve…

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Contractor Education – for dummies?

We’ve got approval to use the Contractor Education innovation credit for the Kathmandu project and I’m working on it this morning. To get the credit we need to; Deliver training on the core concepts of global warming, climate change and the health impacts of minimum building practices. And a bunch of other good stuff. I’m…

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Woot! That’s my project!

Kathmandu have finally announced to the world that they’ve signed up for Green Star and now I can tell you (with bonus fizzes of sparklers and fireworks) that I’m their ESD consultant. It’s pretty exciting and has been for about 6 months as we did all the negotiating and client meetings getting them comfortable with…

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Public Transport and starfish

I’m a GreenStar Assessor.  I’m also a public transport geek and there’s nothing I find more frustrating than submissions that miss out on points because the GSAP can’t use public transport as efficiently as I can, unless it’s projects that don’t use the Building User Guide to encourage people to catch public transport and ride…

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