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Site visit!

Bike in a train

This morning I went to a site visit at the new Country Road store in Chadstone.  I’m working on a volume certification process and the store is the first one targeting a 5 star Green Star Interiors. When I set up the meeting, I worked out that I could get there by bike and train,…

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Your windows are too big

melbourne sustainability consultant - brick wall

Last week I got one of those phone calls…”How quickly can you do a JV3 model?” Yep, no one had checked that the windows complied with the NCC and now they needed a building permit – today! I was pretty blunt and told them that I needed 2 weeks, but I also took a look…

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That community open air stage!

My community open air stage project is now live on Pick my Project.  If you live within 5km of my project, you can vote for it! Voting is quick and simple, and open until 5pm, Monday 17 September: Go to Pick My Project and sign in. Select your local community by entering your postcode. You can then…

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Help me build a community stage

One of the things I enjoy about working for myself is being able to make the time for involvement in my local community.  A few years ago I spent some time singing in a local community band.  We would occasionally perform at local community events, usually on the Richmond or Collingwood Housing Estates.  While we…

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Construction waste – what to do?

We’ve all heard about the “recycling crisis” but I haven’t heard much more about how it affects the projects we’re working on. So this article in The Age today is a bit of a prompt to find out more. “Since C & D Recycling opened in Lara less than two years ago, it has collected…

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Climate adaptation plans for Green Star

Each time I get a new Green Star project I look at the climate adaptation credit and think about doing it myself.  How hard could it be?  The Green Star submission guideline has a good instructions on what’s required and all the reference documents are pretty accessible.  I’ve even read a few that other people…

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Wrong! on the Internet!

This morning I read an article in The Conversation that included the word “Green Star”  (including the quotes!)  It’s badly written AND wrong and I made a comment that I realised would be worth keeping here: Conflating what’s happening in the commercial and residential sustainability space is a big mistake and is also wrong about…

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Good on me!

Today i got a lovely call from Sam at Ecoresults to ask if i was happy for him to put my name forward for a new project – yes!  And while we were chatting, he mentioned that my website was down. I thought it weird because I usually check my website about once a week, and…

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A few years ago, when I was still at WSP Built Ecology, I did a presentation at Green Cities.  It was called “Getting our shit together –  A history of human sanitation and how it might apply to building design in the future”   It was fun, it tapped into my unhealthy obsession with composting…

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Saving the planet with trains

I took the Skybus  to the airport on Tuesday and we drove through the backblocks of the airport, past the new freight warehouses.  I saw the trucks backed up to the loading docks,  like I imagine they would have been at the Goods Shed  when the freight trains were loaded and unloaded from the centre…

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