After the hacking experience, when I lost my whole website, I’m glad that I have got the basics of my website back in only an hour.

I’ve decided to add this accountability section in an effort to keep me going and make me accountable for the progress I need to make if I’m to have the lifestyle I want, while earning enough money to survive.

Today I went to the AGM of the Urban Coup.  What a great bunch of people, I really need to spend more time with them.  Over lunch I had a great chat with Alex Fearnside, who’s doing interesting things with the Yarra Energy Foundation and persuaded me to sign up with Yarra Project Zero.

I also chatted with Andrew, who’s also now working for himself and designing a guesthouse in Tanzania.  Next week I’ll organise to have coffee with him and maybe prompt him to finish his website so I can give you a link.